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Nothing feels better than taking out all of your pent up stress and feeling good about it.  In our Impact area, you’ll be working with some of Pittsburgh’s best boxing fitness instructors and using exclusive technology to dramatically increase strength, burn fat and improve overall heart health.


The Foundry is where you’ll forge a new you.  Improve strength, endurance, speed, mobility, postural alignment, joint stability, mental resiliency and stress management as well as cognitive skills. Foundry makes use of our 20-yd turf area, power rack strength training stations, kettlebells, functional cable stations, curve treadmills, skillrun treadmills and synaptec strobe technology.

Base Camp

One of our most popular classes, Base Camp is one of the most result producing programs. In Base Camp, you’ll be working on our versaclimber machines to greatly improve your conditioning, heart health, lower body strength and postural strength.  Doing these High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes shreds fat and dramatically improves muscle tone.


Incorporate low impact conditioning into your regular routine inside “The Velodrome”. You’ll be led by some of the area’s best cycle instructors using the finest indoor cycle technology available, the M3i from Keiser.  Indoor cycle with our instructors helps you lose weight, increase endurance, lower resting heart rate.

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Our Story

At ALTUS™ we believe everyone should have access to the professional level of training that athletes and elite soldiers get and we’re making that happen.

ALTUS™ was founded by John Rossmiller, an Army Ranger who served seven years with 75th Ranger Regiment before being medically retired.  Prior to his military service he was a performance coach for 6 years, played indoor football and NCAA FCS(1-AA) football for Colgate University.   He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist and NASE-Speed and Explosiveness Specialist, along with numerous other skill specific certifications.  Due to his performance training experience and knowledge he served as a Human Performance Optimization Coach (HPOC) part of his time as a Ranger for the RAW program (Ranger Athlete Warrior).

While serving as a Ranger, John combined his extensive tactical and intelligence military training, four combat deployments, and performance training knowledge he developed a progressive training system for enhancing mental and physical performance cooperatively, for adaptability, versatility, and capability in unfamiliar environments, situations and conditions.  This was a monumental divergence from a sports specificity paradigm of training that prepares athletes for performing in highly specific, predictable and controlled environments.

After retiring, John went back to school for his MBA and was dismayed at how difficult it was to train the way he was accustomed to in the military. Special Operations draws some of the most competitive people into one organization.  As a Ranger he had the luxury of access to the best gyms, some of the best coaches, and the best training partners.  His fellow Rangers had been national competitors in boxing, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, and triathletes.  John found he had to have multiple memberships to different gyms in order to train and he never found the type of community support he missed.  Every place was just another niche business that was more concerned about his monthly dues than his success.

John learned that many people had the same issues he had so he decided to start a new fitness movement that is focused on the providing the best services to like-minded fitness enthusiasts who are truly interested in the ongoing journey of performing well in any situation.

So whether you just love working out and want professional level services at a reasonable price or you are ready to pursue the meaning of human potential ALTUS™ is your answer.  Just one thing left for you to do….

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