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The decades-old big box gym isn’t built to help people like you get what you really want.  They just want to rent you time on their equipment.  They want to oversell memberships, hoping that most members won’t actually show up. These gyms are built for their own profit, not for your success.

Smaller studios can sometimes give you the personal attention, guidance and community support your looking for, but are too frequently staffed by trainers with weekend or online certifications, and you’ve seen people get injured at some of those places.  Who needs that?

These gyms may seem like the only viable option, but John and Cherise, founders of Altus, were convinced there was a better way and decided to take a completely different approach.  The Altus teams’ sole focus is the actual results and fitness success of their members. They are here to train, educate, coach, serve and lead you along the entire process of living your optimal life.

Get the attention, support and guidance you’ve always wanted at Altus!  Be more than just Fit…Be Able! 

The Altus Advantage

After a session with NFL QB Chad Kanoff
Located in the Heart of Downtown

If you work and/or live downtown, you won’t find anything more convenient.  Nestled in the heart of downtown while providing you every amenity you need to get a workout in and get back to work; upscale locker rooms, workout and bathing towels, toiletries, laundry service and personal lockers.

Convenient Schedule

Most places have one class running at a time.  At Altus you can choose from Functional training, Boxing, Versaclimber, and Cycle before work, at lunch and after work.  We have over 60 classes every week and are open from 5am to 9pm.

Flexible Pricing

No Matter what your budget is, we have an option for you.  If you aren’t sure yet give us a call to see about our introductory offers.  Click here to take advantage of the Altus difference.

Welcoming Environment

We truly believe in our philosophy of “Freedom through ability by diligence with each other.”  No one has ever accomplished anything of worth alone.  We all need support and we know that our job is to truly support you every step of the way.  Our members are still surprised at how vested we are in their success and hopefully you will be too.

World Class Coaches

Any fool can make someone tired.  The fitness industry is inundated with online/weekend certified trainers who became trainers because they like working out. Our coaches have graduates’ degrees and long track records of helping others become successful from all different backgrounds.  From being able to walk without pain again, just being healthier or running marathons, we’ve been there done that.

Exclusive Technology

We want you to get results and to know how you’re doing.  To achieve that we’ve incorporated a variety of different technologies you won’t find anywhere else in Pittsburgh.  Your workouts will be more engaging as you will get immediate feedback on how your doing and you can track your progress on our custom mobile app.

Designed with Everyone in Mind

One size does not fit all when it comes to health and fitness.  Everyone has different backgrounds and needs. Therefore, our coaches have designed a systematic, progressive, tiered approach that allows people from all fitness levels to train in the same class doing a personalized session. So it doesn’t matter what fitness level you are coming in at you will not get left behind or left wanting more.

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Our Services

Accessible hours - Open Gym and Classes

We know your time is important to you. You need your classes to be available according to your busy schedule. We have 15-20 different classes, plus open gym time starting at 5am every day.

Private Training

If you're searching for a “personal trainer near me”? Stop by and meet us, take a tour, check out our services and amenities. Our coaches are more than just personal trainers. You’ll find coaching, accountability, motivation — and results!

Nutrition Coaching

Have you tried dieting repeatedly and never received the results you expected? Our certified nutritionist and habit-based coaching software will guide you through a personalized 1-on-1 nutrition program. We use a slow/low-stress flexible dieting approach focusing on habit-forming techniques for life-changing and lasting results.

Laundry Service

No need for a gym bag. Fresh, clean gym clothes, ready for your next workout. We will wash your workout gear for you so you can come straight from the office get a 30-minute workout in, shower and get to your next meeting on time and invigorated.

Exclusive Equipment & Technology

We’ve created a fun and engaging environment for the best fitness experience in Pittsburgh by incorporating the most advanced fitness equipment and technology, to include a comprehensive daily tracking app with progress charts, leaderboard and point system to help keep you motivated and focused.

Fully Equipped Locker Rooms

Normally, the logistics and the crowds make it near impossible to get a workout in downtown before work or during the lunch hour.
Until now. With class size limits, quick workout sessions, showers, upscale locker rooms, towels and toiletries provided, you will have a rewarding experience every time.

Unique Experience

Do you have fun working out with friends that support you every day?
We do.

At Altus, we believe that ability comes through diligently working together. Nothing of worth was ever accomplished alone or without passion. If you don't love what you're doing, eventually you'll stop. So we make sure that you love the time you spend here and you get constant guidance and support from our coaches and community. That's why our members make so much progress!

Are your workouts engaging and rewarding?
Ours are.

You can't succeed at anything if you don't know how you're doing. We’ve invested in the best equipment and incorporated the newest technology to help track your progress and keep you motivated. Get points for pedaling faster, climbing higher, punching harder, faster reaction times and of course heart rate zone training.

Are getting the results you want?
Altus members are.

As our head coach, David Stallard likes to say, ``Any fool can make someone tired, but it takes an EDUCATED COACH to LEAD them to their highest potential`` Our coaches are empathetic leaders first. We focus on helping you sustain an optimal balance of ongoing improvement in mental and physical fitness, health, and wellness.
With over 75 years of experience training people of all levels, graduate degrees and/or unique knowledge and life experience that sets them apart from just another gym-rat trainer, you'll be just as impressed by our coaches as everyone else.

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Call for details about our private training and a nutrition program.

Intro offers are for first time clients only.

*One-time registration fee of $97 for all memberships.

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808 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Monday through Thursday: 5:00am - 8:00pm
Friday: 5:00am - 7:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am - 12:30pm
Sunday: Closed

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