Altus is Re-Opening!!

Hello Altus and the Downtown Community,

This shutdown has been a challenge for everyone but especially difficult for those who have been furloughed, laid off, and completely isolated from their only social networks.  We feel most for those who are living alone, unemployed and part of the higher risk demographic.

We are extremely grateful to all of you who have stayed with us during this shutdown and continued to work out with us through our virtual portal.   We are looking forward to training you again face to face.

We appreciate your support and training with us during these uncertain times, and we hope we have provided you with value above what you can get elsewhere. We are all READY to see all your smiling faces and get back to work!

"Healthy First" 

Altus' Re-Opening Strategy

Altus believes that everyone can have access to the professional level coaching, equipment and facility necessary to reach their greatest potential in body and mind. 

Our mission is to make that vision a reality despite the obstacles, including Covid-19.

The pandemic imposed some significant restrictions on our existing pattern of life and healthy routines.  We adapted to create new routines to stay on track and now it is time to execute the plan that will get us beyond maintenance and start making significant progress again.

Phase 1: Be Healthy (Yellow Phase : March 18 – June 5th)

We will not be stopped! As you may or may not know, Governor Wolf has deemed it important the fitness and sport facilities remained closed during the “yellow phase” but we will continue to provide training in every way we can.  Our facility might be shut down but being healthy is not, so we will continue to adapt to the changing environment.

We will continue to offer virtual workouts during the yellow phase, and we are adding in park workouts. We are very grateful to everyone who continued to train with our team during this phase and we are kicking off pop-up/park workouts this Monday, May 25th!

Check our schedule and Instagram for updates on classes

Healthy Plan

We are adamant about getting results for all our members.  So, we are treating this shutdown as an opportunity to revisit our commitment to you and start you off on the best foot possible.  We are reaching out to everyone to schedule a consult and make sure you are achieving the fundamentals and getting what you need from us to be successful. Please be patient as we are moving as fast as we can but if you have not already heard from your coach yet feel free to click the link below to schedule your consult today.

Park Workouts

Due to social distancing guidelines, these class offerings are only open to 15 participants. To attend class, you must pre-register for class, as there are only 15 spots available. Once we evaluate the demand, attendance and class protocols for safety we plan on opening more classes. Please be patient and know that we will be here for you all very soon!

If your membership is currently suspended and you would like to reinstate it, please send an email to


Because of the restrictions in class size, we kindly ask that if you need to cancel your reservation for class that it occurs an hour prior to class. This is to allow a waitlisted member to get into class. If you do not cancel at or before the 1-hour period, you are charged a standard $5 cancel/late fee. The same fee occurs for not showing to class.  You will only be charged if the class has a waitlist.

Social Distancing guidelines are strictly enforced. Each member has their own space to workout in. If there is a run involved in the workout, please be mindful of your fellow athletes around you and the space between you and them.

Masks and gloves will be provided as an option but not required.  Using hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes on the equipment is required.  

Equipment needed for the workout will be ready for you on your arrival, cleaned before and after each class.

Please make sure to bring any accessories you need for class (e.g. water bottle, knee sleeves, proper footwear, etc.). You will keep your personal belongings in your designated area.

Class Locations

Park Workouts are located at the park named in the class description, as well as the exact meeting point in the park.  Please read the class description. When you arrive, you will be assigned a personal workout space where you will remain before and during the class.


Parking will depend on the park workout location.  We are taking parking into consideration when we schedule classes.

Phase 2: Be Fit (Green Phase: June 5th - TBD)

NOW WE ARE OPEN! Once Governor Wolf gives Allegheny County the go ahead to move into the Green Phase, we will open our doors to everyone following specific guidelines.

  • All members must reserve their spot for class through the Altus app. Each class offered has a specific capacity limit to ensure safety and that capacity will be strictly enforced.
  • Open Gym times will continue to be an option but will also be restricted attendance.
  • There is a PPE station at the entryway where you will be required to use hand sanitizer and have the option of taking a fresh pair of gloves and mask.
  • There is no late entry to class. You will not be permitted to join class after the start of the class.
  • When there is a waitlist, any late cancel/no show for a class will be assessed a $5 fee. No exceptions. We must be respectful of the class capacity. If you are on the waitlist for the class and cannot get into the class no fee is assessed.
  • We are adhering to social distancing guidelines, therefore the Foundry has areas marked on the floor for each station (10’x10’), Impact classes will require everyone to stay with the heavy bag for the entirety of that class and Velodrome and BaseCamp equipment is spaced out according to guidelines.
  • We will have plenty of hand sanitizer, hand soap, wipes, disinfectant spray in our facility.  Our staff will continue to maintain a clean environment by increasing our cleaning practices to three times each day during this phase.

With the above protocol and procedures in place, we are very confident that we will operate a very safe environment for our members. We will communicate formally with everyone once a firm opening date is established, along with a FAQ page to answer any questions.

We will also begin our new membership structure during this phase, providing more support, more guidance, and better service.  If you are an existing member who stayed with us through the shutdown you will be receiving more services for the same price.  We will schedule a time to go over the changes with you in individually.

Equipment Rentals 

We hope you were making good use of the equipment during this time.  If you began an equipment rental membership, and/or have continued your regular membership with us – thank you!  Please continue to put our equipment to good use while we are still running limited operations.  We know you are taking great care of our equipment but during “Be Fit” phase we will need to get it back from you.  Please return it or schedule a time for us to come get it from you. We will communicate out to all equipment rental members as to when and how to return the equipment! This will take place approximately one week before reopening.

Finally, provide your input by filling out this reopening survey so we can better understand your needs.

Phase 3: Be Able (After Green Phase Ends)

NOW WE ARE IN FULL SWING! We’ve got our regular routine back! The virus has abated to a statistically insignificant risk factor and we are socializing in a healthy manner again.   You should have a good fitness and nutrition routine again with the help of your assigned coach by now and making progress better than ever before. Our cleaning protocols will continue to be as stringent as ever, but all social distancing related guidelines are removed, and classes will be open to full capacity.

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