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Miracle Worker

I am not one to write reviews, I never have been. I’m the kind of person who deals with the cards that were dealt to them, verbally thank anyone who has helped me along the way, then move on. This time it’s different. When I say Dave has changed my life, I mean it. And I have to thank him in the archaic way.

In October 2015, I was 28 years old and I injured my lower back. It was a series of events that lead to this. First, I lifted an object heavier than anticipated, about 100lbs more actually. I didn’t feel anything “pop”, just a slight strain, so I placed it down and went about my day. I even woke up the next day with no pain. Two days later, at the gym, I over extended it by stretching at the end of my work out. There was some slight discomfort, but again, thought nothing of it. Finally, a day later, I was doing yard work when my back started to bother me. I decided to push through it. The next morning I woke up with an intense amount of pain. I could barely lie down, sit, even stand. Walking around just barely alleviated the pain.

I started going to a chiropractor, and receiving physically therapy. I learned that I had a slipped disc between my L4-L5. A few weeks into physical therapy I could tell I wasn’t progressing. I was getting frustrated with the doctor and physical therapists because I could tell something wasn’t right in how they were teaching me to “heal”. The doctor assured me that it would take time. When I asked how long, he replied that every body is different and at the rate I’m going maybe 8-10 months. I panicked. I was getting married in October of 2016. I didn’t have time to spend 3 days a week in therapy. I didn’t know what to do.

My first day with Dave was very emotional. He had me doing simple tasks like sitting, and walking. He would assess me and ask if there was pain when I performed the tasks that were asked of me. Dave took the time to explain what he was looking for and why. Unlike the therapists, Dave’s knowledge and understanding of why it hurt made sense. At one point during the appointment he explained what he saw and told me to walk in a certain way. When I did, I had no pain. NO PAIN. I cried. Dave ended up giving me a list of exercises to do every day. He also showed me what I was doing wrong in my everyday life that would hinder my recovery. Simple things like opening doors, tying shoes, even sitting for long periods of time all amount to added pressure on the back. And I had no idea. I worked on recovering with Dave a total of 3 days. But everyday I was working alone towards my goal of recovery.

Now, a year later, I am 99.9% better. Yes I still have my days where sitting at the office gives me some discomfort, but I’m better. I still put the practices and exercises Dave taught me in my everyday life. I remember Dave and Carrye telling me that everything happens for a reason and a year from now, I will be physically stronger because of it. They were right.

Thank you for everything, Dave!

-Kayla P.

A Worldly Expert and Professional

John and his family have been an inspiration to me for some time. He is an expert and a professional. When it comes to training and performance his experience and knowledge are, without a doubt, elite. Having said that, I have seen him develop beginner athletes as well.

When I first met John some time ago, while in the service, his reputation preceded him. He is certainly a force of an individual. As I got to know him I learned that he is very talented. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with him and learn first-hand about what he has to teach and his perspectives on performance. Having participated in sports for good portion of my life, I was not new to physical training, or human performance. I was very physically skilled and developed at the time that I first received John’s training and instruction, I had to be, as the standards were elite level performance. Nevertheless, he was able to skillfully improve my strengths and develop weaknesses.

One occasion that I vividly recall from that time, was his instruction on running mechanics. These are something that even some track and field athletes do not even receive enough of, and can go years doing “just alright”.  John introduced me to some fundamentals that I developed which proved beneficial over time. He is world class.

Although he possesses worldly experience and knowledge, he continues striving for more. Seems a minor detail and it should go without saying, however, I have found that it is a rare trait particular to certain types of people and leaders of strong character. In my words, I would describe it as an understanding of the world and mastery of the self. This is an instrumental trait, which I see relates to his greater understanding of the mind as a significant element of human performance.

Coming from the elite professional environment such as John’s, one with great obstacles and adversities, many faced on a daily basis, self-awareness is imperative. I wholeheartedly believe that John’s many experiences, professional and personal, served to instill a very impressive level of resolve that is incredibly unique.

As I said, John and his family are an inspiration, and I aspire to emulate his caliber of professionalism, discipline, and dedication. Now that he has the training facility, there is something exciting about watching him live one of his passions, and I am glad and eager to be a part of it as much as I possibly can.

-Marty Salgado

Truly Customized Nutrition Program

“When I joined, I knew that I needed guidance around my diet. Altus has not only provided that guidance but provided lessons that are broadly applicable to life. At a basic level, I don’t starve myself anymore trying to lose a couple pounds. I eat the right foods at the right times and in a more mindful way to alter my body composition. But I’m also more mindful about both what I eat and what I’m doing. I’m better at planning ahead, I’m more present in what I’m doing and I’m more focused on incremental changes that I can build on for greater improvement. Those skills alone make the membership worthwhile. I was about 184 when I joined and wanted to lose about 9 pounds. I’m now at 174 and still trending downward. My clothes fit better, I have more energy and I feel better about myself.”

– Chris R.

“Working with Eric on nutrition coaching has been a really great experience. The focus is really on changing behaviors, education, and food quality. It has definitely improved my habits. Over the last few months I’ve improved my body composition by losing body fat, increased my energy levels, and reduced guilt around food. Eric has been amazing to work with. He is very responsive, supportive and encouraging!”

– Sarah H.

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